Review of Lavender White Arctic Blue by Patti C

Emma is quite the pioneer women, she overcomes adversity and lands on her feet. Your writing and storytelling are engrossing and takes me away from everyday life. Thanks for writing this book ,I am enjoying it immensely, just about half way done, want to savor each chapter and not rush through it.
Patti C

Review by - Jeanne

My first purchases for the Nook were your books. I have read two so far and loved them. I am planning on getting more today and reading more. I feel as if I know the characters in the book.  You are an excellent writer Marianne!

~Jeanne, Michigan

Review by Cecelia, NY

Had a great time reading your book. Most impressive to me were the characters that you drew in words so distinctly, the story that carried me right along, the short chapters which struck me as a mark of genius (keep those readers reading), and the not-too-pushy but definitely strong references to the Alaska way of life which subtly and effectively put the reader in the place that he/she is madly curious about (speaking of outsiders) and gobbles up the fantasy of being there.

~Cecelia, NY

Review by Patricia Miller

Hi Marianne,  I am getting ready to start the fourth book of the Feather series.  Cannot put them down.  Love them!!

~Patricia Miller